JACK 1 year anniversary

Save the date... 31 - 08 - 2019
JACK Amsterdam 1 year anniversary!

Line up:
Robag Wruhme
Daniel Zuur
Entity Box
More TBA

In 2016 I started the concept that is now JACK. After a lengthy preparation period of permit applications and building weve arrived at the start of a second season. And so, after three years of hard work, Id like to take a moment to appreciate.

Often people ask me why I initiated JACK, and how it all started. For me, something was missing in Amsterdam. A space where inclusiveness, creativity and a liberal atmosphere come together, expressed through imaginative decor in which I could lose myself every single visit. A place without judgement where you can be anyone you choose to be, with a personal touch.

From the start Ive been invested in gathering input from friends- personal and those from the scene. With every idea I put it out there, and so the concept evolved step by step.
O the 31st of August 2018 JACK was finally ready to open his doors to the public. Straight from the first night the liberal culture could be felt. The idea I had envisioned; that everyone could express themselves freely and safely, was born into reality.

Lets be radically honest here. The first half year has been an absolute rollercoaster, alternating magical nights and empty dance floors. Some processes flowed naturally from the start, others performed like a rusty engine.
Personally I anticipated Amsterdam wanted a proper underground club, a notion that formed the base for our marketing these first months. Perhaps this focus was a little too Niche and underground. Now, 6 months later, I dare say that Amsterdam appreciates the personal contact and a strong, visible identity. Through open conversation we create a safe space for creative freedom and playfulness. Slowly but surely this grew out to characterise JACK.
For this reason, Ive decided to take a more transparent approach to our communication online with the blogs and JACK's RADIO at Mary Go Wild.

Ill be honest with you, these podcasts and blogs arouse more fear and vulnerability in me that the opening night...

One year later we'll celebrate together. Let's create some magic together. Music | Art | Visual Art | Performance | Food & Drinks

Line up; Robag Wruhme | Daniel Zuur | Entity Box | Tromp
21.00 - 23.00 | Only on invite
23.00 - 08.00 | Clubnight

Early Birds E7,50: https://eventix.shop/gwneewsd
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Jack amsterdam

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