OOST • The Clubnacht Special (attend for free entrance)

Our 'Clubnacht Special' is a big success. We make loads of new friends by presenting local artists and upcoming DJ's, and offering a free ticket for everybody who attends the event on Facebook.

We all know The Futurist for his banging sets at our tougher nights like For The Ravers. There's however a more heady side to his vast collection as well. Long Bram, with his taste for mesmerizing Electro and densely layered Techno, is bound to bring that out. A promising pairing for a sonically intense night. Kom OOST.

The Futurist
Long Bram

Everybody who's 'going' to this event on Facebook before Saturday (day of the event) 14:00 can ask for a free ticket at the door. Please notice that our security always has the last say in who gets in. A free ticket is no excuse for inappropriate behaviour.

If youre not on the list, tickets are 6 euros at the door.
Facebook event


  •   12 January 2019
  •   23:59 - 06:00
  •   OOST
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