House of Boys - 3 Year Anniversary

An open-minded (underground) club rave
House of Boys in love with WORM Rotterdam


- Lake Haze (PT), Creme Organization
- Pasiphae (GC), Artificial Dance, BioRhythm
- Cen Giz & Syd2000
- Princess-K


- Clean soundsystem & Smoke machine
- Visuals & lightshow
- Dresscode: Whatever you want, we are Club-Kids!
- Lockers available
- Preferably no photo policy


Early 8
Regular 12
Door 15 (Limited)

(Graphics: Peter van Langen)


Rotterdam based club culture for everybody with a free and open-minded attitude. An imaginary house where the rules get vague. The perfect place to try new things.
This event is more than a birthday. This is a celebration of love, craziness and tolerance in the purest way. This moment is faithful with the true spirit of never-grow-old club kids!
All the lovers, just you and us, created 3 years ago House of Boys, with (mostly) queer people to also fill the boys house with girls and more lovers.
However, to give you a brief idea of our raves: hand-picked techno talents, a lot of flirting people, a hint of darkness, some sexy tension and when the night ends you will be left wondering Friends or lovers?

Welcome to the
House of Boys ©

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